These days, pests are a common problem in all offices and homes. Damage to property, area contamination and serious diseases are a few of the major problems associated with various pests. Pest Control is a challenging task and Desert Buster Pest Service is committed to offer you one of the most effective and efficient pest management programs. While working with us, you can have all the advantages of a service provider on a large-scale with the consideration and courtesy of an operator owned business. The services we offer are designed to facilitate a large range of clients – from small homes to large commercial properties. Call Desert Buster Pest Service.

All our services are designed and developed in a flexible way and they are good enough to meet all your concerns regarding pest issues in an affordable yet effective manner. Desert Buster Pest Service are one of the leading companies in controlling pests; Pigeons, Bees, Scorpions, and more.

Our pest control specialists have all the important and required training and certifications, to assure protection against all kinds of destructive and scary pests.

At Desert Buster Pest Service, we start protecting your homes and offices by conducting a detailed inspection with main focus on those areas which attracts the pests or allow the pests to access your home. We will offer you proper and proven advice about how you can eliminate or control these teasing and destructive pests through necessary but easy steps. Apart from that, our technicians and experts will do an initial treatment to eliminate the already existing pests in your home. After successfully doing the initial treatment, our experts will recommend an on-going pest management program for your office and home. Certain pests can’t be eliminated in one day so we schedule many visits according to the situation.

So if you are fed-up with ants, bees, scorpions and more , just give us a call.


We are available 24/7.  Simply call 602-574-5233.

“We BUST them bugs for you”