No one wants to see Scorpions running around in the house or in the yard.  Scorpions are very creepy insects that have a stinger and has a venomous sting. So dealing with them requires a lot of experience. Our company Desert Buster Pest Service has experts who know how to deal with these venomous creepy insects. There are many things that make scorpions deadly dangerous:

  • Their sting is poisonous
  • They are small, so they crawl through small door holes or any smallest opening available to the house
  • They move too fast that it becomes hard to catch them

Desert Buster Pest Service provides the following services that can help to eliminate scorpions from your building.

  • Toxic chemicals

    Our company has a production area which produces toxic chemicals that can kill scorpions in a glance. However, care must be taken because these deadly toxins are harmful for the skin. But nothing to worry about because our company has experts which exactly know how to deal with these chemicals. Moreover, we have equipment which helps us spray at particular location only.

  • Fumigation

    The next service we provide is fumigation. Sometimes the scorpions reside in holes which are very narrow and the chemicals cannot reach there. So fumigating the whole room is the best possible way to kill the scorpions residing in the narrow holes.The mixture is made from hazardous chemicals. Proper equipments and dress is worn when fumigation is done. Even the fumes can be fatal.

  • Dust Mizer

    Basically, it is a machine and the purpose of this machine is to clean the gardens, holes and places where other devices can’t reach. It basically sterilizes the area so that no pest or insect are left unnoticed.

  • Scorpion Seal

    This is one of our unique and most effective scorpion control technique. In this our experts will survey your house or building and will find entry points for insects. In the next step they will seal all such points with appropriate materials. This will also prevent dust entering your house and you will get the double benefit.