Termites are often considered as the silent killer because they can be secretly eating your home or office without giving any immediate signs of harm. All homes and offices, irrespective of their type of construction, have some source of cellulose based food which ultimately invites termites in to feast.

Termites feed themselves on dead trees and plants, and also on the dead parts of green trees. The mouth of the termite has enough power for tearing the pieces of woody material into small tiny pieces. This ability of tearing wood into small pieces is one of the major concerns for your home and office. While termite are only measure approximately up to 1 cm to a few millimeters in length, their habits of feeding give the capability of causing severe damage to any property. House foundations, Book shelves (and even books) and furniture are all possible feeding zones for these insects.

Signs that your place has termites

There are few indications to judge when termites are snacking.

  • Tiny small wings at any entry point in your house.
  • Termite droppings, generally resembles with small wood colored pellets.
  • Mud tubes on walls, wood structures, and foundation.

Preventive Measures

What precautionary measures can be taken to avoid termites?

  • Reduce the accumulation of dampness by altering pipes, A/C units, and other home apparatuses inclined to spilling.

  • Ensure cleanliness of drainage sites.

  • Fill the cracks around the basement and utility pipes.

  • Keep indoor plants and beds clean and maintained.

  • Don’t leave dead wood with the living trees.

  • Store your firewood at a distance from home.

Usually all your precautionary measures fail and your property becomes infested with termites. In such a scenario you must hire a professional.  Such as Desertbuster Perst Services.  We offer reliable and effective control measures against this silent killer. We have experts and well trained staff available to help you out.

Free Inspection Visits

It’s not a question IF you have termites, but WHEN.  You will be unaware of a termite attack.  Call us and we can come do a quickhome inspection.

Control Measures

When you have termites, we are ready with some options.  We can help find the right solution that also fits your budget.


We care our clients and don’t disappear after the treatment is done.  Afterwords, we will schedule regular re-inspections to periodically observe treated areas to check for evidence of a new infestation.